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Racial trauma refers to the mental and emotional injury caused by encounters with implicit bias, ethnic discrimination, racism, and hate crimes.  In the U.S., Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) are most vulnerable to these attacks due to living under a system of white supremacy. Collaborising exists for the purpose of alleviating this trauma and eradicating racism.

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Race-based discrimination has detrimental psychological impacts on individuals and communities. In some individuals, prolonged incidents of racism can lead to symptoms like those experienced with post-traumatic stress disorder. This can look like depression, anger, recurring thoughts of the event, physical reactions (e.g. headaches, chest pains, insomnia), hypervigilance, low-self-esteem, and mentally distancing from the traumatic events. 

In order to combat the negative effects of racial injustice, we offer a mind-body medicine

curriculum using professionally led instruction and supportive small groups. Participants learn techniques for stress reduction, self-regulation, and self-care.  SELF LOVE is RACIAL JUSTICE!

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