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Working Together...

Rising Together.

“Collaborising” It's a VERB...It's What We DO!

Collaborising is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency dedicated to improving race equity by facilitating community conversations on race. Our goal is to build cross-cultural relationships between racialized groups who compete for limited financial and social resources and view one another as opponents rather than collaborators. We work with groups and individuals to increase self-awareness, to expose racial bias, and to replace these biases with an understanding that racism divides us as human beings.

Collaborising is a fusion of two words:  Collaborate and Rising.  By working together to eradicate racism we rise to create a more just and harmonious society. “Working together...Rising together”, is not just a tagline, but a core belief that undergirds our mission to explore humanity through social and cultural exchange.

What Our Clients Are Saying


"I was very much impressed with the format of Lea's workshop which dealt with our personal experiences with racism (in my case it was anti-Semitism. ) We were given sufficient time along with the moderator's compassion and encouragement to share sensitive and very personal issues. I look forward to more opportunities to share in these discussions. Thank you Lea."

- Judy Rosenthal

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